Why do we gravel?

Gravelling is the only possible answer to our longing! When you gravel, you forget your name, your job, your status, your past, your future. All that matters now is the here and now, the path ahead, your bike , moving forward, nature – our home. Gravelling is the absolute absorption in the here and now – and the here and now is blissful!

The dust on our arms and legs. The heat of the summer on our skin. The never-ending mud and dust on our bikes. The never-ending wear and tear of our components. The icy wind in our faces on a downhill ride in winter. The suffering on the mountain. Our breath coming and going like waves on the beach. But also, this unspeakable joy about reaching our goals together. The shared flow on the bike. Our passion and energy that flow into this project.

In all of this we are the same! All this makes us brothers and sisters on the bike!

Everyone who gravels with us is a brother and sister in spirit and a true and genuine

Karl’s Graveller!

That is why we demand:

Gravellers of all countries, unite!

Projekt Karl, postulated 2022