Please note the following for all trips in which you participate under the name Projekt Karl:

  • You always wear a helmet while riding
  • You have saved the respective track on your GPS-enabled speedometer
  • Your bike can be a gravel bike, a cross bike or a mountain bike. In any case, it must be suitable for gravel and easy terrain. We assume that your bike is in perfect working order.
  • You will have tools with you to repair a defective tube or tubeless tire.
  • We do not provide refreshments at the start, finish or en route. You are responsible for your own food and drinks during the ride.
  • Our routes are planned in such a way that there is at least one opportunity to refill drinks and get food on the way.
  • We show consideration for everyone and everything
  • We respect other people on our way
  • We leave no traces – we take our garbage with us and dispose of it appropriately
  • We want to make graveling known with a good impression
  • In road traffic, you observe the StVO.
  • Our rides are not races! We wait and ride as a group.

We will take photos and videos before, during and after our rides. By participating in our ride, you agree to the publication of the photographic material.

You are also welcome to take your own pictures and videos and publish them in the name of Project Karl.


The Project Karl rides do not serve any commercial purpose and are organized by us on a voluntary and honorary basis.
We accept no liability for damage to persons or property.

Team Projekt Karl